Kara Bertetto

Senior Associate

Kara will ask a lot of questions – mainly because she doesn’t have the time or patience for guesswork. Why not just get to the point? Trust that if there is coffee, she is on it.

Kara has spent the greater part of her CIG career conducting public information and managing communications at Denver International Airport (DEN) with an active day-to-day role on the Great Hall Completion Project. Imagine a massive construction project taking place in a fully operational international airport- it is not for the faint of heart. 

Jumping in with two feet, Kara has honed her skills in creative, strategic planning and implementation and stakeholder engagement. Her excellent multitasking abilities, organization and meticulous attention to detail have not gone unnoticed and she takes a lot of pride in her knowledge of construction planning.

Before CIG, Kara gained valuable experience at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) as the Region 2 communication intern in 2019.  

  • Bachelor of Arts in mass communications with an emphasis in integrated communications, Colorado State University-Pueblo