Eva Hoppe Zenteno


Eva likes a challenge. Whether it’s crafting content to break through on social media or learning the latest in digital marketing strategy, she enjoys the reward of a hard job done well.

She is also a student of human nature and has a keen eye for translating the best of us into stories that have meaning and inspire action. Of course, stories are usually made of words, and her passion for language is second to none. Just ask Wordle or anyone who has mishandled a reflexive pronoun. 

Along with Eva’s dominance of all parts of speech and narrative in general, she has a love of people — and the combination of the two in turn led her to a career in communications and public information. She cut her teeth as Web and Digital Experience intern at the Colorado Department of Transportation and helped keep the public safe and informed developing and managing content for social, web and print.

And then there’s her passionate belief in inclusivity, equity and the profound impact clear and accessible communication can have on quality of life for people who have been historically overlooked or underrepresented.

Eva graduated from CU Boulder with a Bachelor’s where she studied linguistics, cultural studies and literature, and American Sign Language.       

  • Bachelor of Arts in linguistics with a minor in literature and cultural studies, University of Colorado