Eric Winfield

Associate Creative Director

What do you get when you combine a lifetime in art and design with a love of computers, coding and technology? Eric provides production, creativity and guidance as an associate creative director at CIG. Eric has been in the design and development universe for 18 years, all of that spent in the Front Range area. After years as a gallery manager, he is intertwined with Denver’s community of artists, with CIG and their clients reaping the benefits. He brings his depth of experience in fabrication, signage, print, digital and fine arts to every venture.

As an avid auto and transportation enthusiast, you might find him getting his hands dirty with vintage machines, all while brainstorming your next campaign strategy (or just to keep them humming along). Eric’s proven to have an eye toward detail and client satisfaction with any project on which he is involved.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting Concentration, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado