Everybody loves a good party. The problem is, not all celebrations are created equal. Just ask any parent trying to plan a child’s birthday party a week after junior comes home from a friend’s shindig complete with ice sculptures, roving magicians, a multi-layered cake and petting zoo.

A llama on a leash may be right for some, but certainly not all, gatherings. The CIG team will work with you to develop an event that suits your budget, goals, audience and organizational personality.

CIG has planned and executed a broad spectrum of events, with ample resources and vendor relationships to ensure each one is a distinct success. Should the weather turn sour, we’ll be ready with a back-up plan. If another, less-considered contingency comes along, we’ll employ the back-up to the back-up plan. You don’t need to stay up late worrying about every last detail. Our planning checklist rivals the Broncos’ playbook for completeness.

We’re just as comfortable and adept at the nitty gritty details as we are with creativity – words, visuals and interactive elements. Expect more from CIG than a stale shovel in the ground or standard ribbon cutting, and rest assured that your event will reflect the unique nature of your organization and what it has to offer, even if there aren’t any llamas.