Elevate Denver

The Challenge

In 2017, Denver voters passed a 10-year, $937 million bond package to fund more than 500 projects spanning transportation and mobility, parks and recreation, cultural facilities, libraries and more. With the diversity of projects planned over a decade, the city needed a way to demonstrate to voters it was making good on promises to deliver these important projects.

“We want to take Denver a mile high with this project.”


Our Solution

To tie together the hundreds of planned improvements and identify how voter-approved funding is being spent, CIG led a branding effort for the City. We needed to create a unifying and recognizable brand that represented the wide variety of projects set to be completed by the bond program. We strived to create an identity that would remind residents that their vote matters and is being acted upon.

First, we developed the program name: Elevate Denver — Your Voice. Your Neighborhood. Your City.

From there, we created a visual identity for Elevate Denver, with the key element being an arrow, a universally recognized symbol of forward movement and direction. The gradient color is representative of the full spectrum of projects encompassed by Elevate Denver. Each project is a singular piece that, together, make up a comprehensive program that will provide many years of benefits to the city.

The Results

The creation of the Elevate Denver brand gave a name and visual identity to a giant program that will be implemented over a decade and positively impact every Denver neighborhood.

Since the brand was first unveiled by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock at the opening of Paco Sanchez Park, it has been used on signage across the city to identify major Elevate Denver projects, including the Denver Botanic Gardens and Denver Art Museum. In addition to project signs, the brand is being used in collateral such as fact sheets, presentations, infographics, business cards and more.

Earlier this year, the City issued its first Elevate Denver Annual Report, highlighting the accomplishments to date of this program. The Elevate Denver brand was a key component of the report, which was viewed by hundreds of residents, elected officials and the media.

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Fourteeners Silver

American Marketing Association of Colorado

3CMA Savvy Award

City-County Communications & Marketing Association

Fourteeners Silver
3CMA Savvy Award

American Marketing Association of Colorado
City-County Communications & Marketing Association

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