Sam Aspnes

Position: Associate II


A master of reinvention, Sam finds comfort in the uncomfortable. Sam went from spending his time bartending all night and skiing all day to teaching English around the world. He found himself pursuing a career in PR because he believes wholeheartedly in the power of language. A crossword fanatic and self-proclaimed grammar nerd, Sam is passionate about words and will challenge anyone who dares to out “wordsmith” him. Always happy to help and never shy with an opinion. Clients count on Sam for brilliant new ideas and lean in close to hear his stories, as he is a true storyteller and keeps people coming back for more. Calm. Sam believes in balance and harmony, creativity and logic, and peanut butter and jelly—of course. A newlywed, Sam enjoys spending time with his wife and sipping on a good rye Manhattan. As a Minnesota native with a Midwestern sensibility, work ethic is key, personal relationships matter and he occasionally annoys people by denying that it’s ever “too cold” outside. Sam has a vendetta for deadlines and never…well, almost never freaks out. Although, if you see him on the slopes on a powder day, you might just catch him losing it.