Lindsey Moss

Position: Specialist


Phone: (303) 815-5742

Grit. Embracing the opportunity and working best under pressure, that’s where you’ll find Lindsey thriving most. Don’t let her small-town persona fool you. This girl is a jet setter and go-getter and welcomes the challenge of solving a problem through all types of adversity. A true competitor with a champion spirit, her clients can be assured she will fight to the final buzzer. With a perfect “intense to chill” ratio, Lindsey can be found competing at the volleyball court or enjoying a face mask and glass of cheap wine at home. A true to-her-roots Colorado native, Lindsey embraces the beauty of the Colorado plains as much as she is captivated by the Colorado Mountains. Whether it be swing dancing at a music festival or hiking and fly fishing in the mountains, she will feel right at home. A real straight-shooter and loyal friend, Lindsey can be trusted to tell it like it is.