Julie Skeen

Position: Senior Strategic Director

Email: julie@cig-pr.com

Enthusiastic and kind – Julie is a razor-sharp powerhouse. She joined CIG with more than 20 years of experience in public outreach and communications specializing in communication strategies. After spending ten years with Jacobs Engineering as a Vice President – and managing a 245-person team, Julie has stepped in to help a team of 20+ CIGer’s learn and grow. We know she has her work cut out for her — but we also know she is truly unstoppable. Julie has worked her way through the infrastructure industry and has remained a bright light for her clients and coworkers. She has a true passion for teaching and mentoring others. Positive. Julie is a yogi – and if you would like, she would love to help you work on your flexibility. A leader and role model at heart, she finds comfort in supporting others and helping them achieve their goals. When Julie isn’t helping to plan for the future of CIG you may find her hiking the hours away or sleeping under the stars far away from the city. She treats herself to wine in the evenings after a long day and cherishes watching her two girls grow up in Golden where she lives with her husband of 21 years. Julie is always there to lend a hand to her team and solve her clients’ problems in a pinch – we can’t wait to see what she will do for you!