Windshield Smashing

Let’s just say it wasn’t your typical Monday, but nothing is ever typical at CIG.

We have a vision. Working on CDOT’s Click It or Ticket campaign, we want to create a public display that showcases the often deadly consequence of not wearing your seatbelt — a windshield ejection. If you’re starting to think of mannequins, crash test dummies and smashed cars, then you’re starting to see our vision.

We needed to procure some vehicles for our display, so Nick and Sam visited a junk car yard, in search of the perfect crashed vehicle.

We also learned some valuable insight — smashing a vehicle’s windshield is actually extremely difficult (which makes the fact that a human could be ejected through a windshield during an unbuckled crash that much more terrifying). We were told your run-of-the-mill hammer wouldn’t do it, and even a sledgehammer might not be enough. If you really want to break through a windshield, you’ll need an axe. Or, if you happen to have one handy, a forklift should get the job done.


Needless to say, we were giddy at the sound of breaking glass and flying shrapnel!

The forklift was a good start, but we needed the perfect size windshield hole for our displays to work properly. Time to throw on the gloves and get to work!

A word of caution, windshield glass is EXTREMELY sharp! Sharp enough to cut you, even if only a tiny spec of glass touches your skin. Long sleeve shirts and eye protection are recommended. Look at Nick dodge those flying shards!


We’ve got our vehicles prepped, and the vision is finally starting to come together. Next we’ll be setting up the seat belt ejection displays in Pueblo.