Maddison Tischler Ward

Senior Associate

With a dual degree at her disposal, Maddy is an insightful team player who injects nonstop energy into everything she does. Always looking to improve, no task is too small or too big for Maddy. Her strong work ethic paired with her ability to anticipate her clients’ needs has made her a trusted and valued part of the CIG team. She is mindful of people’s needs and meets challenges without hesitation. 

Maddy’s first major project included public information and outreach efforts on Denver International Airport’s (DEN) Hotel and Transit Center. Maddy has spent an extensive amount of her career working with DEN on major milestone projects including the Great Hall Project. She has also played a big role on the Central 70 Project prior to groundbreaking, ran all outreach efforts for phase one of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Bustang Outrider service and supported crucial roles for Commerce City’s Capital Improvement Program. 

She has spent the past five years at CIG crafting an expertise in stakeholder engagement with key groups including elected officials. Working with diverse groups, requiring unique needs and extenuating circumstances, she provides a project management style to public information and engagement for impactful projects in the Denver area. Maddy has been said to be “a relief” from both clients and community members alike.

  • Bachelor of Arts in communications, University of Denver
  • Bachelor of Arts in studio art with a minor in sociology, University of Denver