Studio CIG

Studio CIG is our Play-Doh® Fun Factory. In goes a clump of clay and out comes a stunning sculpture. The best part is, you get to help turn the crank!

Studio CIG will make sure you turn heads – whether starting from scratch, pulling off a complete makeover or just making a few touch ups here and there. We create annual reports, art installations, video and presentation visuals, and more. In Studio CIG, we’ll mold our full suite of creative services to produce your desired results.

We’re ready to transition the conventional and traditional into the digital age, where video is king and Snapchat is his crazy cousin, but there’s still an occasional homage to their ancestor Alexander Graham Bell. Whatever the channels, Studio CIG can bring your message to life. Just call us — or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. Heck, you could even write us a letter.