Fantasy is Life

Nothing brings a company together more than (mostly) friendly banter and the (snakish) strategic planning behind CIG’s fantasy football playoffs. Sure, there’s the fabulously modest cash prize reserved for the grand champion, but the real competition occurs in the Consolation Ladder, aka Loser’s Bracket. Widdled down from the league’s original 14 contenders, the Loser’s Bracket sees eight of the season’s poorest performers vying for NOT last place. According to the league bylaws established during the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement (read as made up on the spot), “If you finish in last place, you must write a website post about how you experienced crippling defeat, learned to deal with the devastating embarrassment and became better because of it. You’ll also need to read/perform it in a creative way in front of the staff.”

So essentially, as long as you don’t lose, you win! Stay tuned for fantasy football playoff updates.

The Loser's Bracket.

The Winner's Bracket.