Event Vision Becomes Reality

A lot of ideas are thrown around when brainstorming a unique visual for an otherwise routine groundbreaking. Some ideas are larger than others. And in the case of the I-25 South Gap groundbreaking, our “large idea” measured 9 feet long.

While the transportation of such a truck-sized arrow posed a challenge, the visual representation of the project’s priorities went off without a hitch, and even Gov. John Hickenlooper participated.

The results of our vision were splashed on the Colorado Springs Gazette’s website.

The Gazette led with CIG's visual concept.

Many stakeholders - from the local to federal level and Colorado State Patrol - joined Gov. Hickenlooper in the ceremonial breaking of the ground.

Many pieces came together to bring the I-25 South Gap project from idea to reality. Now, the I-25 South Gap is "moving forward" - the theme for this event.

Jake, Liz, Caroline, Gabi and Ivonne at the event. Photos by Nick Lucey.