Hot Box = Hot Pursuit

Slow-Speed Chase

Following successful outreach at the Cannabis Cup in 2014 and 2015, news broke that the annual event was canceled for 2016, so CDOT returned to CIG for a new and innovative way to reach marijuana consumers. Research indicated that while marijuana users were starting to understand they could be arrested for a DUI while under the influence of marijuana, many still inaccurately believe marijuana makes them better drivers.

In 2014, 58 drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado tested positive for marijuana at a level above the legal limit.

CIG set out to dispel that myth and educate Colorado residents about the laws surrounding driving under the influence of marijuana. Part of CDOT’s Drive High, Get a DUI campaign, CIG developed a creative and eye-catching approach to drugged driving awareness during annual 420 celebrations.

The team wrapped two vehicles to create a mock “Slow-Speed Chase” — a police cruiser and a drugged driver – to display the consequences of driving high. The vehicles were adorned with messages, including: “Hot Box = Hot Pursuit”; “No Strain = Safe Driving”; “Marijuana Impairs Perceptions of Time, Distance and Speed”; and “Your Car is Faster Than You Think.”

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The mock police cruiser and cannabis car in front of CDOT before the slowest car chase in history ensued.

CIG invited the media to a "sneak peak" to see the wrapped vehicles. CDOT's Sam Cole is interviewed by the local broadcast news stations.

The vehicle design communicated a clear message — if you use cannabis and drive, you're going to jail.

Snoop Dogg concert goers got a close look at the Slow-Speed Chase.

CIG prepared a media kit complete with b-roll footage and hosted a “sneak peak” opportunity for reporters to get an up-close and personal look at the cars. The mobile campaign then took to the streets for its first appearance in Denver — a slow-roll at the nearby Snoop Dogg concert.

Heavy snow on April 20 postponed the scheduled 420 rally at Civic Center Park until May, coincidentally on the same day as the Five Points Jazz Festival. CIG seized the opportunity and brought the cars to both events, much to the delight and awe of onlookers. The team had a wild day, driving the Slow-Speed Chase and meeting reporters at different locations around the park.

With more than 100,000 attendees at the Civic Center rally and an estimated 26,000 more at the Five Point Jazz Fest, the Slow-Speed Chase was seen by thousands of onlookers and by many more from Denver’s local news stations, with resulting coverage totaling more than 39,000,000 media impressions.

420 rally attendees were exposed to Drive High, Get a DUI messaging through a unique lens – a “Cannabis Cop” in slow pursuit of drugged driver.

Even after the usual 420 celebrations had subsided, the Slow-Speed Chase was a safety reminder dispensaries would proudly park outside their stores, reaching consumers in a distinctive way.

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