Simulated crash ejections in Pueblo County graphically conveyed the deadly consequences of driving or riding without a seat belt.

Pueblo Ejection Exhibits

It’s a simple fact: seat belts save lives. If you’re in a crash and not wearing your seatbelt, you’ll be lucky to walk away. When not properly secured in their seats, both drivers and passengers can be ejected from their vehicles. The risk? Minor to serious injury all the way to death.

How is it, then, that a driver or passenger could forgo their seat belt? Perhaps people would be more likely to buckle up after seeing a crash or rollover during which someone was ejected from the vehicle.

With this in mind, CIG developed three eye-catching public displays to encourage buckling up in the county with the lowest seat belt use — Pueblo.

Using crash test dummies, the “Ejection Exhibits” simulated, but clearly showed, the deadly consequences that can happen when you don’t wear your seat belt.

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CIG scoured car yards to obtain crashed vehicles for three exhibits in Pueblo County, which has the lowest seat belt usage rate in the state at 63.4 percent, compared to 82.9 percent statewide.

Using crash test dummies, the CIG team set up each exhibit to simulate what can occur when someone isn’t buckled up at the time of a crash. The principal take home message? Take the few seconds to put on a seat belt or risk disastrous results like ejection through the windshield, an often deadly consequence.

CIG conducted media outreach leading up to and in parallel with the Ejection Exhibits, which resulted in complete coverage in the Pueblo market.

Targeted social media posts carried the conversation online and further disseminated the message.

CIG coordinated crucial placements for the exhibits, with the two local Walmart and two hospitals participating, to make sure that the displays were in high-traffic areas. The team led every aspect of the exhibits, from coordinating with partners, choosing the vehicles, installing the exhibits, and conducting media outreach and organizing a press conference.

These displays will stick with people and remind them to buckle up every time they’re in a vehicle.

The exhibits reached 816,000 people during the two weeks the crashed cars and dummies were on display in Pueblo. Local law enforcement and healthcare partners reinforced the danger of not buckling up, and local media coverage also reinforced the public safety messages.