"Premiering in Theater 2"

McCaslin Boulevard DDI Grand Opening

The McCaslin Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) Grand Opening was a major milestone for the US 36 Express Lanes Project, celebrating the hard work done prior to the event, as well acknowledging the support from the City of Louisville and the Town of Superior – both of which were impacted by construction. Additionally, it celebrated the opening of the second DDI in the state of Colorado.

CIG met with the City of Louisville and the Town of Superior to discuss expectations and set event goals. Both communities wanted to showcase project progress — such as the DDI conversion and the arch installation — as well as host the important decision-makers, show the collaboration between the two communities and thank both communities for their patience during construction.

CIG researched different options for event locations and themes, knowing it was important to pick a place located halfway between the two jurisdictions. CIG came across Cinebarre, a local movie theater and restaurant, located just steps away from the McCaslin bridge. Inspired by the vintage movie posters that lined the theater lobby, CIG suggested a vintage movie theme. The theme shined through in all aspects of the event, from the invitation depicting an artistic rendering of the bridge in the style of a traditional movie premiere poster, to the vintage soda cups adorned with the McCaslin bridge logo. Can’t imagine going to the movies without popcorn? Neither could CIG! Popcorn, pizzas and soda were served to satisfy appetites of the hungry guests. The evening’s speakers were presented as stars.

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To mark the importance of the milestone, CIG suggested a formal ribbon-cutting on top of the McCaslin bridge to kick-off the celebration. Elected officials and community leaders made the ceremonial cut to officially mark the bridge opening.

To demonstrate project progress, CIG put together a slideshow of various stages of the DDI construction, including time-lapse videos of the DDI conversion and arch installation. To incorporate the presentation into the vintage movie theater theme, the presentation aired on the movie screen.

During the speaking portion of the event at Cinebarre, the attendees had a chance to enjoy the movie theater atmosphere while watching speakers – all while snacking on popcorn, pizza and soda.

The event received an abundance of media coverage by FOX 31 Denver, 9News, Equipment World Online, and other channels with a collective total of more than 1.5 million impressions.

Mayor Bob Muckle, City of Louisville, called the new McCaslin DDI the cool bridge. Why? The DDI is one of 34 DDIs in the country but only the second in the state of Colorado. The state’s first DDI in Grand Junction opened in early 2014. The DDI helps move traffic across the bridge more efficiently by crossing traffic to the opposite side of the road across the interchange so vehicles have unimpeded movement onto the highway ramps. In addition, DDIs increase left-turn capacity, accommodate more traffic with fewer lanes and reduce delays by using a two-phase signal as opposed to traditional traffic signals.

As a result, the event brought together more than 60 attendees, including several elected officials. Both the City of Louisville and the Town of Superior were very happy with the outcome.

The event brought together all key project players, including the former US 36 Project Director, and fostered a sense of community pride.