Making Traffic a Thing of the Past

Marking Progress in Transportation with CDOT and Arrivo

There we were, on site. In the dim, pre-dawn morning light. After just two weeks of feverish but focused preparation. Ready to launch an event to further cement Colorado’s reputation for leading the future of transportation.

As planned, the CIG team ushered classic cars into a chronological lineup spanning decades of transportation progress. We also welcomed representatives from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), E-470 Public Highway Authority, Denver-metro media, and soon-to-be-neighbor and special guest Arrivo, a next generation transportation company.

The news of the day? In partnership with CDOT and E-470, Arrivo announced the establishment of a test track for its high-speed transportation system capable of carrying vehicles, passengers and freight at 200 miles per hour. Whereas traditional highway lanes carry 2,000-3,500 vehicles per lane per hour, Arrivo’s system promises movement of 20,000 vehicles per lane per hour.

In the design of the event, CIG purposefully struck a balanced chord between 20th and 21st century travel. Leaders from CDOT, E-470 and Arrivo admired the progress of transportation along with members of classic car clubs from around the state. Cars displayed included a 1949 Packard and a 1970 Plymouth Cuda. Also presented were models of practicality from the early 2000s and more recent and progressive models with partial electric with self-driving capabilities.

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CIG arranged a video team to capture the moments as CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt and Arrivo CEO Brogan BamBrogran moved toward the future of transportation. Eight local media outlets also enjoyed insider access to the newsmakers.

You know the saying – go big or go home. CIG decided to go BIG with a massive banner showcasing the future of Arrivo. The CIG team muscled up and braced the wind to make a perfect media backdrop for remarks from Arrivo CEO Brogan BamBrogan, CDOT officials and E-470 representatives.

Reporters representing nearly every major Denver news station visited E-470 headquarters for the announcement. They were met with prime visuals to frame the news of business and government partners joining in Colorado to make the next leap forward in transportation.

CIG recommended holding a Facebook Live video after the media event so CDOT’s Executive Director and Arrivo’s CEO could announce the new technology directly to Coloradans. Leading up to the event, CIG presented a graphic that slowly revealed the new technology across several social posts to encourage individuals to tune in to the live video.

Media coverage of the event reached local, regional and national audiences showcasing CDOT’s commitment to the future of transportation. Among the highlights, Wired, Car and Driver, Forbes and the Denver Post conducted interviews for their stories.

CIG made Arrivo’s congestion-solving technology more tangible with a 13-foot long banner portraying Arrivo’s forthcoming test track. This visual formed the backdrop for a memorable video, extended media Q&A, and finally a Facebook Live video wherein CDOT and Arrivo leadership took questions from viewers in real time.

A careful combination – the right visuals, the right messages and the right delivery – ensured success.

The event achieved steady media coverage the day of the event and spawned follow-up coverage. Just three days after the announcement event, CIG tallied 293 online stories, 60 TV and radio stories, and more than 1,500 social media posts for a total of 367 million earned media impressions with an estimated value of $2.8 million.