Makeover for Child Passenger Safety

Car Seats Colorado, a partnership of CDOT and Colorado State Patrol, badly needed a brand update. Improper car seat use and installation is an ongoing problem in Colorado, leading to serious injury and even death. So, CIG crafted a new brand identity to appeal to parents and caregivers and stand out in the digital age. The goal was to reinvigorate brand appearance, communicate the gravity of the issue, and ultimately offer resources to change behavior.

The rebranding portfolio included fresh new logos, palette, design look and feel, brand identity and voice, a new website and an animated video that addressed car seat safety laws, potential dangers, and best practices for keeping kids safe while on the road.

The new brand was applied across educational materials such as car-seat-use brochures, car seat emergency I.D. stickers and educational cards for law enforcement officers. The refreshed materials helped Car Seats Colorado spread its important safety message of keeping kids safe on Colorado roads.

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