Take the Lil’ Mac Pledge

Lil’ Mac Pledge

Car crashes are one of the leading causes of death for Coloradans — and the leading cause of death for teens. Working on the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Click It or Ticket campaign for three years, CIG has helped create partnerships with law enforcement agencies, community coalitions and other safety advocates to educate the public about Colorado’s seat belt laws and the importance of wearing seat belts every ride, every time.

For the 2016 May Mobilization enforcement period, we wanted to put a personal touch on the seat belt campaign, and make an emotional plea to all drivers about buckling up. To make that plea, we respectfully led outreach to a family who had recently lost their daughter in an unbuckled crash. Working with the Forrest family, we created the “Lil’ Mac Pledge,” a pledge to always buckle up in memory of Mackenzie Forrest (nicknamed Lil’ Mac), a Lakewood High School basketball star who tragically died in a crash just a few months before.

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CIG created the Lil’ Mac Pledge card for law enforcement and partner distribution during the seat belt enforcement period. More than 10,000 cards were distributed during the two-week timeframe.

We held a press conference with the Forrest family, Mackenzie’s friends and teammates, CDOT and the Colorado State Patrol. Media coverage of the event resulted in more than 4.5 million impressions.

Working with Mackenzie’s family, friends and teammates, CIG produced a Lil’ Mac Pledge video to be shared on social media. The video on Facebook currently has approximately 65,000 views, 1,500 reactions and 440 shares.

To directly reach those that don’t buckle up, CIG supported outreach to Colorado law enforcement agencies to gain their support in distributing Lil’ Mac Pledge cards to drivers that were pulled over for seat belt citations. We secured participation from 35 law enforcement agencies and distributed 10,600 cards to those agencies.

The final step of the Lil’ Mac Pledge focused on reaching the masses. We planned a press conference with the Forrest family, Mackenzie’s friends and teams, CDOT and the Colorado State Patrol — an event every Denver TV station attended. The press conference and follow up after resulted in 89 unique stories, for more than 4.5 million impressions.

We were honored to work with the Forrest family on the Lil’ Mac Pledge, and have continued to coordinate with them to spread the message about the importance of always wearing a seat belt. The campaign involved media relations, social media, video and collateral production, partnership development, community engagement and an event, all of which occurred in just two weeks’ time. In memory of Mackenzie, please buckle up — every ride, every time — and remember that kindness matters.