First-of-its-kind Technology Demands a One-of-a-kind Communication Program

Impactful Communications

It’s typical for a construction road crew to be followed by an Impact Protection Vehicle (IPV), which is designed to absorb the energy of a collision, and most importantly, protect the workers. Even when they work perfectly, IPV drivers are still in danger themselves.

Imagine, if you will, a self-driving IPV. The Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) RoadX program went beyond imagination, to reality, unveiling in August 2017 the world’s first Autonomous Impact Protection Vehicle (AIPV).

CDOT turned to CIG for help showing the world the true greatness of this innovation and its origin – Colorado. Launching the first self-driving work zone vehicle had to be more than an event. It had to be unique, far-reaching and live. Simply stated, yet intricately achieved, CIG’s envisioned using the latest communication technology to show the world the latest transportation technology.

Add in a press conference full of VIPs and the potential of international media interest? Yes. Let’s do this.

CIG worked with audio and visual experts to carefully plan a live demonstration of the AIPV on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. The team also planned for contingencies –because, as we all know, there are no do-overs in live action.

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In the last four years, CDOT counted 26 incidents where a member of the traveling public struck a CDOT Impact Protection Vehicle – almost seven per year.

CIG led the A/V production to showcase the 21st century vehicle in a 21st century way.

CIG addressed the needs of all partners and stakeholders at the press conference and satisfied the media’s need for a great story.

People were able to watch the demo live across four social media outlets. An AIPV expert provided a voice-over narration of the on-screen action. Split-screen video enabled viewers to watch the vehicle from overhead and in the cab – where the steering wheel moved on its own.

Media coverage around the world featured assets that CIG captured and shared in media pitches, and archived online.

The event unfolded in two parts. First, CIG executed a traditional press conference to give credit to all partners involved. Second, the magic, in which the AIPV went from background visual to real, life-saving, self-driving safety vehicle out on the road.

The team created a split-screen view using footage from a static camera, drone camera and in-cab camera and streamed it live across four social media channels. Media and people around the world could tune into the live demo. Afterward, CIG uploaded all footage from the two-part event, including a Q&A with CDOT, into in a Dropbox folder for media to access.

Coverage of the AIPV reveal event generated nearly 300 million views of 945 unique media hits across online and print media, TV and radio, and social media for a publicity value of $2.37 million. Stories of Colorado’s innovation originated in nearly all 50 states and around the globe, too, with stories in sixteen countries.

In the technology itself, and how it was announced, CDOT delivered on its promise to pioneer the future of transportation.