Get Turned On to Turn Off Distractions – An attention-grabbing and direct call to action.

Get Turned On

Distracted driving is anything that diverts your attention away from driving, but no distraction is more ubiquitous than cell phone use behind the wheel. In a survey of Colorado drivers, 58 percent admitted to selecting entertainment on their devices, 25 percent talked on a handheld cell phone and nearly 19 percent read mobile messages when driving. While various apps and programs aim to reduce distracted driving, many are plagued with cumbersome navigation or gimmicks that ultimately result in more distracted driving, not less. None have evolved or gained enough popularity to affect long-term behavior change. Until recently, many phone manufacturers hadn’t addressed the issue within their operating systems.



Then, in September 2017, Apple introduced Do Not Disturb While Driving features to thousands of existing phones, though, research indicated nearly 50 percent of people didn’t know their phone had this new feature. Working with CDOT on a comprehensive paid media campaign, CIG created resources, tutorials and guidance for Colorado drivers to equip themselves and their phones with the resources to prevent distracted driving.

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CIG recommended the product-driven Get Turned On concept for its “can’t miss” headline that also serves as the call to action.

Our goal was raising awareness about Apple’s Do Not Disturb While Driving mode, but we certainly didn’t want to neglect drivers who own other phones. Using mobile phone ad targeting, Android- or iPhone-specific digital creative was delivered based on a user’s own device.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to distracted driving prevention. CIG tested dozens of prevention apps, curating a selection of the most user-friendly and impactful solutions to be featured on the campaign website.

Aiming to humanize the issue, CIG interviewed a local woman and roadside construction team to share their personal experiences with distracted drivers.

To highlight the customization and functionality of the Do Not Disturb feature, CIG proposed a social media tactic that asked, “What’s your auto-reply?” featuring short social videos inviting Facebook followers to share their own personalized messages.

Playing with innuendo, Get Turned On is an attention-grabbing approach and call to action. This concept teaches users exactly how to turn on the Do Not Disturb feature through a quick tutorial while remaining contemporary in content, look and feel.

CIG launched the campaign in conjunction with April’s Distracted Driving Awareness month, coupling the creative with the latest distracted driving data. The launch garnered strong media coverage, receiving 250 stories and earning 35,639,535 impressions.

In total, the Get Turned On campaign earned 13,992,926 creative impressions over the course of six weeks. The videos appeared in 114 statewide gas stations, saw nearly 31,000 completed Facebook video views and greater than 50 percent completion rate on YouTube. Beyond the creative, the campaign further positioned CDOT as the trusted source for distracted driving education and resources.