“Once people are aware of what their blood alcohol level is, I think they’re more likely to get transportation. You can drink. Just don’t drive.”

CDOT Labor Day DUI Education & Prevention

Colorado’s law enforcement agencies typically step up their patrols for drunk driving over Labor Day weekend – and for good reason. According to preliminary data, in 2014 there were 165 DUI-related fatalities in Colorado. By the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s records, in 2013, nearly half of the 424 crash fatalities nationwide over Labor Day weekend alone involved drivers who had consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

CDOT needed to create a high-visibility campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, and the fact that there are simple solutions to avoid driving impaired and getting a DUI.

CIG recommended a series of interactive public awareness events, integrated seamlessly into downtown festivities over the holiday weekend. Tangible partnerships, in the form of Alcohoot smartphone breathalyzer and Uber ride credit giveaways, and media outreach ensured that campaign messages extended beyond those directly participating and the relatively short holiday weekend timeline.

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At three separate drunk driving awareness and prevention events over Labor Day weekend, CIG, along with Alcohoot and Uber representatives, offered barhoppers a chance to find their limit using smartphone breathalyzers and get a safe ride home.

Of the 3,500 people who participated in the outreach events, 750 tested Alcohoot breathalyzers on site. Participants who spun the prize wheel received a total of $1,000 in Uber ride credits and 140 Alcohoot smartphone-enabled breathalyzers.

The CIG-executed events in downtown Denver helped to enhance the reach of the CDOT’s overall DUI awareness campaign message, “A Few Can Still Be Dangerous.” The team achieved 20 media stories for 2.6 million media impressions.

“You can drink, just don’t drive.” This takeaway message, relayed on camera by one event participant, was echoed by many. People who spun the prize wheel or tested out an Alcohoot, and others who just stopped by to get more information, indicated that they found the outreach events inviting, relevant and helpful. And, importantly, the events helped to reinforce a relatively new brand persona for CDOT – that of a friend who wants you to have fun safely, rather than a distant, “big brother” government agency. It’s ok to party, but be smart about getting to and from.

“You can drink, just don’t drive.”

“The resources are there. You just gotta make the right decision,” said another partier. The event design and messaging for the Labor Day events connected with partiers in a friendly and fun manner and reinforced the public-safety message that “A Few Can Still Be Dangerous.” With Alcohoot and Uber on board, the events introduced both the technology and resources to help barhoppers know where they stood with their BAC and travel home safely by hailing a ride.