Felony DUI

In 2015, Colorado enacted a law that makes an individual’s fourth Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest automatically eligible for a Class 4 felony conviction. Acting on a request from the governor, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) assigned CIG the task of developing a cohesive awareness campaign about the new law and DUI consequences.

It’s a popular misconception that only certain people get DUIs. Research shows, however, that DUI convictions don’t discriminate based on demographics. CIG set out to create a video series exploring the deeply personal stories of several Coloradans and the consequences – both legal and emotional – they experienced as a result of their DUI conviction. The campaign, What Will YOU Lose?, aimed to influence Colorado by asking would-be offenders — “what if it were you?”

CIG facilitated the video production, traveling to prisons and correctional facilities across Colorado to conduct in-person interviews with 15 real-life DUI offenders. The team then scoured notes and footage to produce a series of 30- and 15-second videos telling their stories.

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A distinct campaign brand emerged based on interviews with the offenders. Each of them shared what they had lost, imploring others to consider, What Will YOU Lose?, before driving impaired. CIG developed three concepts for CDOT’s selection to guide the campaign creative, ranging from serious and informative to surreal, sensational and stylized. Our client felt What Will YOU Lose? was the most authentic and impactful based on the goals of the campaign.

CIG developed a social media kit for both CDOT and partner groups to deploy. Through 10 social posts between Feb. 15 and March 30, 2017, the campaign reached 1,030,342 Facebook users and tallied 6,136 interactions. Users watched the videos a total of 484,400 times – typically to completion – with 140,729 minutes of video viewed.

The campaign also extended offline. Working with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, CIG managed the creative production and delivery of campaign collateral materials aimed to influence individuals in more than 700 substance abuse treatment centers statewide.

CIG carved space for the campaign on broadcast TV, achieving 33 million impressions from four 15-second and eight 30-second videos. Through earned media pitching, 61 internet and broadcast stories collected an additional 6,002,719 impressions. Finally, the videos were shared on CDOT’s Facebook page were the campaign reached 1,030,342 users and tallied 6,136 interactions. Users watched the videos a total of 484,400 times

The goal was to humanize, not separate or victimize, the DUI offenders.

The What Will YOU Lose? campaign presented unique challenges in style, production and message. The initial and most crucial element was finding DUI offenders willing to participate in the videos. Once the interviews where complete, the candid and powerful experiences of the DUI offenders shaped an influential campaign with lasting impact. Ultimately, the campaign delivered. CDOT and CIG knew, anecdotally and through multimedia engagement reports, that the campaign fully met and exceeded objectives.