Caroline Frizell

Position: Associate II


Phone: (303) 886-2425

Inquisitive – always on the quest for knowledge, Caroline loves seeking out new information and becoming an expert resource for her clients. She’s never afraid to tell it like it is, and is someone you can always turn to for thoughtful, logical answers. A Colorado native who knows better than to get stuck in the cold, Caroline spends the winter months reading with her favorite cup of coffee or a healthy pour of Pinot Noir — indoors, safe and sound. She is a literature connoisseur and can school us all in AP Style and creative writing. Her favorite author is Malcolm Gladwell. Driven – Caroline is dedicated to seeing things through to the bitter end – no matter the task. She enjoys the challenge of taking something completely undecipherable and turning it into something crystal clear. Caroline is a taskmaster and nerd at heart, which is why we truly love her. Her smile and laugh can light up a room. That, mixed with her organization and unwavering motivation, make her a true candidate for president – a job she says she would do if she wasn’t so busy at CIG. You’d better believe Caroline will always have our vote!