Joy Wasendorf

Position: Director of Assets and Results


One who tries to not ask a question without first contemplating the answer. Always taking things off other’s plates – and we’re not talking about table scraps. Wears many hats. Thinks both strategically and analytically. Synonym for detail-oriented and energetic. A drummer (really!) who marches to her own beat. Often found at her desk in the noon hour catching up on emails and the latest headlines. Traveler. Enjoys reading, going to CU football games and watching the Cubs win (nearing a decade of sports fan futility). Bleeds black and gold, through and through. Can find the humor in most anything. Athlete. Craves an ice-cold, light microbrew after a challenging bike ride. Looks up to her father and walks in his footsteps. Often found alongside her favorite four-legged friend – Ralphie – her affectionate, loyal, wiggly butt Schnoodle.