Kristi Estes

Position: Principal


One who has mastered the elusive art of the all too rare “Poker Face.”  Known to many as the “Bomb-tastic Bedazzler” of dance costumes for daughters Isabela and Sasha. Easygoing and always fashionable working mother/chauffeur. Rumored to ask the question, “Who has time for hobbies?”  As if bedazzling wasn’t enough, this wine-loving lady finds time to run a successful photography business. Her keen eye for what makes a truly perfect photograph is unmatched. Someday she would love to travel with her clients and take killer photos of them on vacation. A photographic storyteller. Ability to always remain calm and professional, no matter the situation. Calm and collected. Queen of AP style. Highly skilled in not only communicating but also listening. She has few wants – a massage, a housekeeper and happy hour in her living room with the one person who makes her laugh the most – husband Don. Throw in her kids and some Shirley Temples; life is complete.