Brenda Tierney

Position: Counselor


Proactive – Brenda is a woman on a mission, and she will stop at nothing to get the task at hand done. Brenda joins CIG from a long-time relationship with RTD and public art. She has a passion for keeping herself and her clients positive. Brenda is determined and holds herself to the highest hardworking standards. Thoughtful. Brenda gives amazing advice and she is always willing to seek advice as well. If she wasn’t spending her time creating a perfect world for her clients at CIG she would be exploring the world as a travel writer–first stop, Greece. Funny. Brenda spends her time off with a vodka and tonic in one hand and the latest additions of home renovation books in the other. We encourage you to cherish the time you get to spend with Brenda, as she is an amazing friend with a kind soul who will always lend a listening ear.