Who We Are

We’re a warm blanket, smoke detector and bulletproof vest all rolled into one. Haven’t you always wanted one of those? Or, a Cadillac insurance policy, but with more personality and no mumbo jumbo legal clauses. We’ll actually hold your hand — if that’s what you need.

We’re communicators by trade. We are also confidants, drinking partners, creative artists, sounding boards, facilitators, hard workers and good listeners. We are thorough, loyal, inventive, unique, honest, at times self-deprecating, efficient, organized, gregarious and always available.

We are a DBE, WBE and SBE certified firm,  capable of supporting projects large and small. We are, at our very essence, whomever you need us to be. And as you’ll see from our answers to some very pointed questions on the Team page, some of us are in need of therapy!

You might say CIG stands for Chameleon, Innovator, Go-Getter.