A Labor of Love

Snow and colder temperatures finally arrived in Colorado, and our client, Car Seats Colorado, needed a little help reminding parents that bulky winter coats pose a danger to children riding in car seats.

While it may seem counterintuitive (who wouldn’t bundle their child up when it’s freezing outside?), strapping your child into his or her car seat while wearing a puffy winter jacket can actually be very dangerous. That’s because during a crash, the material of the coat compresses, leaving the harness straps too loose to be effective.

So, a little media outreach was in order. As part of the press package, CIG visited the Colorado State Patrol Training Academy and filmed a b-roll package with the help of Tim Sutherland of Colorado State Patrol. One of our own CIGers even volunteered to be our “mom model” along with her young son, Wilder (he didn’t seem to mind).

Filmed the pinch test? Check. Captured how to put the jacket on right so it is safe? Check. Photo of Wilder behind the wheel of a State Patrol vehicle? Check. (Hey, we have to have a little fun, right?).

It was a good day for a good cause. And yes, we did well getting the word out. Press kit went out on a Friday, the snow came on Saturday, and by Monday, the story garnered almost 4 million impressions across TV, internet coverage and on social media.

Being a parent isn’t easy, we know. But hopefully, in-between a little shoveling and a lot of hot cocoa, a few moms and dads can keep their little ones a bit safer while on the road this winter.

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