Tiger, Tiger Woods Y’all

You knew it was coming! I can’t possibly pass up the chance to write about the current drama that is unfolding right before our eyes; after all Tiger Woods is everywhere.

As I was in line at the grocery store today I was reading the magazine covers with headlines like “Yes, he cheated,” “Tiger in Trouble,” “Tiger Woods World Exclusive,” and “Tiger’s Secrets and Lies.” Just now I searched for “Tiger Woods” in Google News and it came up with more than 80,000 results posted in the last hour. There’s one of two scenarios taking place here: one, people have way too much time on their hands to follow Tiger and his cubs around; or two, this is a legitimate news story. But when does it become excessive?

Now, I am not defending what he did by any means, but it is amazing to me how fast something personal (that should have stayed behind closed doors, literally) was spread through the media like wildfire. In a matter of a few days, the Tiger Woods scandal was the only thing people were talking about and as more and more women came forward, the more and more media attention it received. All of this media attention, and his grass-is-greener attitude, has ruined the reputation and career of one of the best sports figures of all time in a matter of two weeks.

As a public figure, Tiger’s poor choices not only affected himself and his family. It affected the golf industry, his sponsors, his fans and the companies he endorses. Not all companies are bailing on him; Nike is standing by their man and riding out the storm. Tiger’s wallet has taken a slight hit, but his “indefinite” hiatus from golf has surely hit him and the PGA the hardest of all.

Being a spokesperson comes with a lot of responsibility. Any miscommunication can affect the organization you represent. It is important when speaking to stakeholders and the media to always be thinking of the overall mission of your organization in order to communicate messages efficiently and accurately. Keep in mind that media feeds on scandal and any, um, slip of the tongue, will be what captures the audience.

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Posted by Liz Viscardi on 12/16 at 08:53 AM
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