What We Do

What do we do? That depends greatly on what you do, because we communicate your message, share your concerns and reflect your interests. What do you need? Perhaps it’s time for a new informational brochure or a powerful creative campaign. Or you may need key messages to diffuse a controversial issue or crisis communication training for your team. CIG will support your efforts.

Need an expert to counsel you through a delicate communication issue? We know the perfect person.

Need 10 extra pairs of hands to assist with a major corporate event? We can do that, too.

Think of CIG as an extension of your staff. We can embed with your team, on site or remotely. We’ll go down the paths you don’t have the time (or desire) to travel, and we’ll be there when you need help.

You might say CIG stands for Customer-focused, Integrated, Glue.

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